What is a sitter session?

When explaining the different packages I offer during a baby's first year, many parents ask me, "What exactly is a sitter session?"

Sitter sessions are baby portrait sessions celebrating and documenting your babies as they take on a new milestone of their life of smiling and sitting up, hence the session being called 'Sitter Session'. This photo shoot normally takes place when your baby is around 6-9 months and is able to sit up unaided but is not yet able to crawl.

Personally, sitter sessions are my absolute favourite milestone to document because I get to see how much the babies have changed since they were tiny newborns. I love seeing babies smile and laugh but I also get a glimpse of their cheeky personalities as well. I believe this milestone is so important to document and it makes me secretly sad when parents say they want to book a newborn and a 1st Birthday shoot but not a sitter session! Here are some of my favourite portraits from my sitter sessions so far...

I'm really enjoying taking black and white portraits at the moment. I love how I just get drawn to his big eyes and gorgeous smile!

My sitter sessions have a vintage theme to them. I love searching for one off or unique props for my photoshoots.

This little love was 7 months old when I photographed her sitter session. She was ready to have a go at standing up so I quickly grabbed a chair, my flowers & her little rabbit and took this impromptu shot. The best part of my job is that if the session changes direction and your baby wants to stand, sit or lie down then we will go with what makes your baby happiest!

This is again, one of my favourite portraits. Look at the love in Mum's facial expressions and look how happy he looks! He was at his happiest in his Mummy's arms and I think this portrait shows that. Parents spend a lot of time taking photos of their little loves but its not often that they're in them so I think its really important to get a couple of parent and baby poses during a baby photoshoot.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog post, I hope this gave you a bit more information about sitter sessions. To read more information about my sitter session packages then click this link https://www.foxcubphotography.co.uk/session-prices

Jess x

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